This is my absolute favorite trend right now

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Speciale | Justin Chan Photo



Speciale. on Flickr.

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Tumblr is really just a big blue High School Musical fansite and everybody knows it

Things Freelancers Are Not Allowed To Do

Carolina: Drop nukes on her teammates (no matter how badly she wants to).
York: Keep the keys to the Mother of Invention (this is a Freelancer Facility, not a joyride).
Wyoming: Put mustache cream in everyone's shampoo/facial applicants (some people just can't rock the mustache Reggie).
CT: Shave off half of people's hair during weekly trims (mohawks are for punk rockers, get a job you hippie).
Washington: Put up cat posters in the rec room (half the people have allergies and half the posters are just plain ridiculous).
North Dakota: Set everyone's trackers before a mission (they are grown ass adults, if they get sniped because they were dumb, it is their own goddamn fault).
South Dakota: Pester me about getting an AI (I'm about to implant you with 40 CCs of whoopass if you don't shut up about it).
Maine: Bite people (I don't care if you sound like 100 kinds of shark, eating your teammates does not count as teamwork).
Texas: Punch people in their sleep (do it when they're awake and you have the pleasure of watching them see who fucked their shit up).
Florida: Nothing (you're the only dependable one on this goddamn ship).
As posted by the Director of Project Freelancer. Failure to follow these protocols will result in my foot going nine ways up your ass. Good day.




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Nissan GodTillaR (by Kevin Ho 車 Photography)

Felix: *stabs someone*
Felix: It's KNIFE to meet you.
Locus: Felix, please.
Felix: What? I'm taking a STAB at puns.
Locus: Feli-
Felix: I need to CUT you off.
Felix: *stabs someone*
Felix: Now that's what I call a SLICE of life.


imagine your icon spooning you


Aventador. by Mathieu Bonnevie on Flickr.



Sebastien Loeb’s GTR



Well pleased to meet you - excuse my hands,

I’ve been bitten by an enemy that’s pretended to be my friend.

take this song and art and apply it to any time Wash has been betrayed. It works every time!

wanted to do something more painted and finished looking and used a sketch from a piece i worked on before. took a surprisingly short amount of time, actually. (still like 7 hours lol. i am the slowest artist). reminded me that i can’t paint hair, at least

(seriously though, listen to that song. not only is it a great song by itself, it’s a great song for washington!!)

ps: a reminder that it’s okay to delete my comments. it’s usually trashy rambling anyway. (tho keep the shit in italics, since that’s sort of part of the art, you know??)

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Source for more facts follow NowYouKno

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